Assalam aleikom,

Looking for Islamic crafts? Here you can find lots of Islamic needleart patterns, mostly in counted cross-stitch. There are free printable designs in PC-Stitch, PDF and JPG formats. The free designs found in Islamic and Arabic Cross-stitch are the Allah (swt)Mohammad (pbuh)Islamic phrasescards,bookmarks99 Names of Allah round robinpattern pieces and geometric designs. Most of the designs concentrate on Arabic calligraphy.

If you have a blog about xstitch, there are free tickers  to help you show your visitors and friends how much you have finished in a certain design that you are stitching. For beginners who still do not know how to cross-stitch, we have a simple tutorial to show you the basics of cross-stitch.

I have to say that it gives me great pleasure to find people coming in from all over the world to use these resources and enjoy them.

Allah free pattern

Our Tutorial is here at last!      Stitch Your Name in Arabic       Geometric Pattern 2       Mosque - Masjid    Alphabets

             free Islamic designs                                                                           mosque        

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